Alimak Raise Excavation

Raise development using a Mechanized Raise Climber (Alimak) is a preferred method for developing escapeways, ventilation raises, ore/waste passes, and slot raises in underground mines.

Manroc is a world leader in raise development, recognized for our high safety standards in underground mining.

How it works

Drilling, loading and blasting are all performed from the platform of the Alimak, which is adapted to fit the precise dimensions and shape of the raise. The raise miners remain under the safety of our unique two-post canopy system that was developed in order to ensure protection while working on the platform. The Alimak unit implements a rack and pinion rail, designed to carry air and water to the work face.

This video was created at Hemlo’s Williams Mine by SafeSight Exploration Inc. using their Rail Runner. Have you ever been up in a raise?

Our Commitment

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations. We value safety above all else and it is our belief that safety is a state of mind that starts with common, everyday practices. We are a solid team of experienced personnel with the tools, training and support needed to succeed. We ensure that everyone goes to work every day focused on achieving results in a safe and efficient way in order to deliver quality work in a safe and timely manner.

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