Manroc specializes in Alimak raise development, underground lateral development, longhole stope production drilling / blasting and underground construction. Manroc is an acknowledged world-leader when it comes to the application of Alimak stope mining. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to solve complex narrow vein mining issues. Our methods and expertise make it possible to extract previously uneconomic or inaccessible ore reserves. Manroc has led and stayed at the forefront of mining technologies and applications relating to narrow vein stope mining. We have successfully applied innovative mining techniques which consistently result in lowering production costs and increasing productivity.

Leadership Team

Don Simoneau, Founder
Chris Sproule, President
Katie Simoneau, Vice President
Ronnie Bourgeois, General Manager
Kevin Squissato, Director of Finance and Accounting
Tracy Kitchkeesick, Technical Services Manager
Mike Zaiser, Director of Safety and Training
Russell Janveau, Maintenance Manager
Craig Robertson, Health and Safety Manager
Charrly Maynard, Human Resources Manager

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On-Site Maintenance and Fabrication

Manroc is fortunate to have a strong and dependable maintenance and fabrication team. Our on-site maintenance teams, mobile shop and fabrication shop are dedicated to keeping our gear operational. Insights from our miners and maintenance personnel have led us to customize a lot of our gear, making it safer and more productive. Innovation is optimized by truly listening. Within our tight-knit group, our maintenance personnel are less than one step removed from the front line and are truly dedicated to ensuring our workplace is as safe and reliable as possible. With the continuous investment, training and support provided, it is our maintenance staff that keep us safe and ensure that we have the proper resources to get the job done.

  • CWB Certified
  • Full Machine Shop
  • Equipment Rebuild
  • CNC Fabrication