Our relentless journey for safety excellence comes from listening and learning from every experience. We continually build and refine our safety program, collaborating with our clients and peers to share best practices across the entire industry. Our methodologies and protocols have been recognized nationally and have become the industry standard.

We have always used our experiences to improve and advance our safety standards and expectations and have been focusing on lead indicators in order to identify and address potential risks before they become an issue. It is our belief that safety is a state of mind that starts with common, everyday practices such as using seatbelts and handrails.

Safety Recognition

Manroc is dedicated continuous learning and sharing Best Safety Practices. Manroc sits on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Mining Contractors Safety Association and is a member of the Workplace Safety North mining program.

  • John T. Ryan Safety Competition Award – Safety Record Excellence
  • SECOROC – lowest LT frequency
  • J C MacIssac Award of Achievement

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Safety Rewards Program

Working safe is a key part of every employee’s day at Manroc – with safety topics during the line-up, exercising our five-point safety system, and participating in field-level risk assessments. All of these efforts encourage and support our team to stay focused and work safely every day.

A key focus in our safety program is Lead Indicators.  The practice of identifying and addressing potential risks before they become an issue helps advance our expectations and improve our safety standards. We believe that safety is a state of mind that starts with common, everyday practices such as using seat belts and handrails

Manroc recognizes excellence in safety by offering two distinct incentive programs. Both our Safety Rewards Program and Safe & Loyal Incentive Program, are key to ensuring safety is fundamentally engrained in our culture at Manroc.

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